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Re: Electric Keyboards

PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:37 am
by FrancesNewell
[b]Saw your article in carillon News.
When I throw a mechanical clapper, one without any electronics, I FEEl the weight of the bell that I am playing; not just the weight of the clapper, but the bell itself. I need that connection! It influences the way I play each bell and reminds me, with every keystroke, that I am reaching a whole community.
The farther away we get from that, the less we know about the true effect of our playing! I speak as one who has to settle for a Midi keyboard hooked up to carillon soundfonts for 9 months per can bet that I make a lot of adjustments to my playing and composing when I get back to my beloved carillon and not only HEAR my bells, but FEEL them!