Carillon and Choir

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Carillon and Choir

Postby RoyLee on Sat May 11, 2013 7:23 pm

Has anyone had success collaborating with a choir, with the choir singing on the ground while the carillon plays? A university chorus that rehearses and holds their concerts in the building next to our carillon tower is interested in collaborating with the carillon on something. I was thinking of just trying to schedule a carillon recital to coincide with a half hour before the start of their concert, or maybe after their concert while they have their juice and cookies reception in the courtyard, but the director is wondering if we can do something more. I'm hesitant because I don't think the carillon would work very well as accompaniment for the chorus, but I said I would ask around and see if any of you have tried it with good results.
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Re: Carillon and Choir

Postby JohnGouwens on Sat May 11, 2013 8:13 pm

It's always nice to have the carillon play a "prelude" to a nearby concert. At Michigan, Burton Tower is close by four major concert venues, so we used to do that all the time. Accompanying a chorus is something I wouldn't attempt - too many problems with where you place the choir and audience so they may be heard well. Of course, even if you have wonderful video connections so carillonneur and conductor can see each other, the lag for the sound of the bells to travel is a problem. Of course, there are some portable carillons designed to be usable indoors, notably the instrument Boudewijn Zwart has, and also the currently-under-construction "Bronzen Piano" of Koen van Assche and Anna-Maria Reverte. Then you really can do things like that!
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