Carillon music that emulates change-ringing.

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Carillon music that emulates change-ringing.

Postby JohnGouwens on Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:23 pm

This is another transplant from the GCNA e-mail list. - John Gouwens

Dear colleagues,
I'm curious--does anyone know of any carillon pieces that mimic the sound of change ringing or a peal?
Thank you!
Kim Schafer

From: John Todd Fair []

The Bells - I think by William Byrd, a renaissance composer.
A carillon arrangement by Bernard Winsemius is in one of the published albums by the Netherlands Carillon School, which I don't have at my fingertips at the moment - anyone else?
Cheers, Todd

From: Gouwens, John []

Also, Ron Barnes’s arrangement of Handel’s “Or Let the Merry Bells Ring ‘Round” is another example – with lots of descending scales. I don’t remember if it had other permutations of changes – I think not. (It’s been many years since I played it.)

- John Gouwens

From: Nassor, Edward []

Piece Without Expression No. 1 by Percival Price. Found in the GCNA publications: Percival Price (1901-1985)-His Words and Music, Edited by Beverly Buchanan, Vol. II- 14 Compositions.

Edward M. Nassor, D.M.A.


And, from Andrea McCrady:

There are many, many carillon pieces that mimic peals and change-ringing, or ringing rounds. The following come immediately to mind:
Joyful Changes of Christmastide, by Milford Myhre (Belmont Christmas Book, published by Beverly Buchanan)
A Christmas Peal (Christians Awake), by Laura Whipple (Sewanee Carillon Book)
The Bells After Poe Suite, Part II, “Hear the mellow wedding bells”, by Robert Kleinschmidt (GCNA)
Festival Prelude, by Gladys Watkins (Societas Campanariorum – probably out of print)
Wedding Bells, by Willow Macky (published by John Randal in 1981 in New Zealand)
Etc., etc.

In 1952 in Ann Arbor, Percival Price did arrange Byrd’s “The Bells” for 2 ½ -octave carillon, and I have a copy of this in the Dominion Carillon Library. It is not part of the GCNA Price books.

Perhaps this discussion list could be moved to the GCNA Forum under the Repertoire category. [So, here it is! - JG]


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Re: Carillon music that emulates change-ringing.

Postby ShannonRichards on Tue Feb 04, 2014 10:01 pm

Olesya Rostovskaya self-published a collection of her music in 2011 called "Original compositions for carillon". Included is a set of Russian Tradition Peals. The first one, "Valovoj" bell ring and a Welcoming peal is fun to play, not difficult and a great recital opener. Olesya is on facebook if you want to contact her.
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