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Contribution from the Dallas Carillonneurs

PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2014 4:59 pm
by JohnGouwens
Dear Colleagues,

As chairman of the Johan Franco Composition Fund, I am pleased to announce that the carillonneurs at Highland Park United Methodist Church in Dallas (John Acker, Mary Dibble, Carmen McMillan, and Gretchen Ryan) have together sent in a generous donation of $500 to the Franco Fund, in memory of their colleague, Dr. Lorn Howard, who played at Highland Park for many years, up until his death in 2012. Dr. Howard was an Associate Member of the GCNA, and attended many congresses over the years. They felt that making a contribution to the creation of new repertoire for the carillon was a tribute that would be pleasing to Lorn.

We are now working on the decision of who we will commission for a new composition, and hope to have something to announce in time for the next Carillon News issue. Donations such as this are of critical importance in making commissions possible. The same fund is also tapped for prizes in the composition competition. (Note, also, that, there are always some positive “spin-offs,” pieces that didn’t win a prize, but are of enough interest to become welcome additions to the repertoire all the same.) In light of recent discussions about the competition itself, we as a committee are actively re-evaluating our process, while we await the results of the ongoing study by an ad hoc committee.

Thank you, Dallas friends, for thinking of us!

- John Gouwens, Committee Chairman