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Forum rules
1. This forum section is the place for the “none of the above” topics (postings) – not technical, maybe campanalogical but not carillon-related. Comments about sleigh bells or Russian Zvon ringing would fit there. If a topic is started here that seems to fit more in the “News” category (prominent carillonneur dies, for instance) or one of the other categories, the moderator may move it to that forum section. This is a good place to put things like mentioning some old movie that had a carillon in it, for example – not news, and not one of the other categories.

2. Please see “Forum Rules” here for more details.

Forum Rules

Postby admin on Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:44 am

NOTE: We do screen who applies to join the GCNA Forum. Your screen name must make it clear who you are! Without that, we don't confirm you. (Examples: JohnGouwens, DaveJohnson)

Please punctuate properly, and do not use all uppercase. We will delete posts that “YELL” at us!

The moderator reserves the right to re-classify postings under another “topic” or sub-forum, to delete redundant or irrelevant postings and replies, etc. as well as to delete posts which contain offensive language or attack individuals.

You may include links or pictures in your postings, but posting of music which is in violation of copyright rules will be subject to immediate deletion by the moderator.

Please remember that what you post here can be seen by anybody in the outside world - not just carillonneurs, and not just forum members.

This forum is moderated with the best interests of the GCNA at heart. Criticisms of what we do are healthy, when presented courteously. Posts which in some way undermine the objectives and goals of the GCNA will be deleted at the discretion of the moderator.

As it is presently configured, once you are a member, your comments and posts will "go live" immediately. We eliminated the requirement to have the moderator approve every comment and post, though if we run into problems, that idea may be revisited.

Note: If you are interested in a discussion venue that is not affiliated with the GCNA, there is a Facebook group, also moderated by John Gouwens, which is in no way connected with the guild. You can find that group at:

Thanks! - John Gouwens, your friendly Moderator
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